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Bilingual Education

UK Early Years: First Principles

UK Early Years Ed- First Principles The UK’s EYFS The Department of Education requires all...

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Hatching Dragons Educational Ethos

Hatching Dragons Educational Ethos We believe that we can do so much more to help children prepare...

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Intercultural Education - Our Approach

Intercultural Education Hatching Dragons was established to deliver a different kind of childcare -...

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Five Hidden Benefits of Learning Language Through Music

How did you learn your mother tongue? You may respond, “I didn’t have to”, as acquiring language as...

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Why is Learning Phonics Important for Children?

We have all been there. An unfamiliar word is placed in front of us and when tasked with reading it...

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Christmas Songs for Children in English & Mandarin

This Christmas will undoubtedly be unlike any other from years gone past. We are living through a...

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7 Language Activities for Children at Home

Every child learns to speak at their own pace and in their own time. However, supporting and...

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Chinese Tongue Twisters, Can You Say Them All?

Tongue twisters are a challenge, no matter how old you are or how proficient you are in a language....

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