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Early Years

Is Messy Play Too Messy? Answering Your Concerns!

Is Messy Play Too Messy?    Well, the answer is yes! Messy play can lead your children to...

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How to Help Develop Cultural Capital in Early Years

You may be asking yourself, what is cultural capital? And why does my child need it? Well,...

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Dragons Digest: Children’s Salmon Recipe

Teaching children to have a healthy, nutritious diet is an essential part of our curriculum at...

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The Psychological Impact of Covid Closures on Developing Minds

This last year has been tough for us all. It will, no doubt, go down in history as one of the...

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Olympic Activities for Kids to Enjoy at Home

As we approach the beginning of the Olympics, all eyes are on the top athletes from around the...

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Free Garden Activities for Kids when the Sun is Shining

From the swing set to planting some seeds, there are hundreds of cheap and free garden...

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Is Nursery Good For Babies? An Interview With a Childcare Expert

There are several key factors that determine when a child will start nursery, from a parent’s...

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Nursery Practitioner Insights: Life at Hatching Dragons Westminster

No two days at our nursery are the same! From learning songs to finger-painting, to playing...

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Chinese New Year Children’s Activities: Fun Ideas to Do at Home

Chinese New Year for us, like many other people around the world, is the highlight of our...

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