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Early Years

Chinese New Year Children’s Activities: Fun Ideas to Do at Home

Chinese New Year for us, like many other people around the world, is the highlight of our calendar!...

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Why Is Sensory Play Important for Learning and Development?

Everyday, we use our five main senses to understand and explore the world around us: touch, sight,...

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Bonfire Night Recipes: 15 Child-Friendly Options

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, takes place annually on the 5th of November in the...

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Ideas for Halloween: 5 Fun Activities for Children

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays. It is the perfect excuse for dressing up, eating sweets...

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How To Detect Speech Issues in Early Years

As caring parents, we all want what’s best for our little ones especially when it comes to health...

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7 Barely Known Benefits of Soft Toys for Toddlers

Think back to your childhood. We all had a favourite soft toy when we were young, right? Well, as...

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Homeschooling – A Temporary Solution To Your Child’s Educational Needs?

As lockdown eases and the Prime Minister encourages children to return to school, parents are...

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Choosing The Right Nursery for Your Child: 7 Top Tips

Taking the step to leave your baby in the care of other people for the first time is never easy....

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10 Fun Sensory Play Ideas For The Home

Kids in their early years benefit from activities that stimulate more than one of the five senses ...

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